11 May

Brands elected

According to the results of the independent research of consumer preferences, which lasted during 2016 within the framework of the annual competition of trademarks "Favorites of Success" in Ukraine, the trademarks of our company took the victorious positions in the rating that meet the following statuses: 

Secunda" Absolute Favorite - 2016 in the category "Watch Store" (It is also the leader based on the results of consumer surveys) 

"Foxtrot" Absolute Favorite - 2016 in the category of "Household appliances supermarket" (Also the leader according to the results of polls of Successful People) 

The contest of trademarks "Favorites of Success" has been carrying out annual rating research since 2003 in order to determine the best, most popular brands of goods and services, as well as the brightest representatives of domestic show business. In a public ranking, all trademarks that are officially present on the market in their respective categories of their profile are participating. 

The winners of the contest are determined based on the results of the popular vote, with the participation of three respondent groups: the expert jury (professional industry specialists their profile), the jury of Successful People (public and famous people of Ukraine, celebrities) and direct consumers, which indicate their personal preferences, share opinions, personal experience And recommendations on the Internet at