6 June

Festival of the family in Zaporozhye together with GC "Foxtrot"

In Zaporozhye, with the support of the Foxtrot Group of Companies, the All-Ukrainian Action "Prevent. Save. Help », organized by the Headquarters of the DSNS in Zaporizhzhya region and the Foxtrot Group of Companies within the framework of the social project" School of Security "under the slogan" It's comfortable where it's safe ". During the celebration, local rescuers announced the winners of the festival of drawings based on the animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue." The contest was held during April-May this year, it was attended by more than 500 children. The children showed all the imagination and embodied on paper their ideas about the continuation of the animated story about the brave chanterelle and its robot-companion. The competent jury identified 19 best works, and the winners received memorable gifts from a social partner in the rescue camp in the Oak Grove during the family festival. The guests were waiting for a lot of attractions - the children together with their parents took part in the rescue quest, visited the exhibition of fire and rescue equipment, and the families of fire fighters fought for the primacy in the sports competition "Daddy, Mom and I - rescuers family".  

All participants of the holiday were able to enjoy the skilful performances of the All-Ukrainian Public Children's Movement "School of Security".

The team of the "Knights of Fire" of school No. 15 also pleased the audience with its incendiary performance. Specialists of the DSNS of Zaporozhye region conducted a contest of drawings on the asphalt "Rescuer through the eyes of children" and "Chernobyl does not have past time" - until the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, during which all participants were able to depict their representations from these topics.

In addition, everyone who visited the city of rescuers received not only memorable gifts and a good mood, but also knowledge and practical skills that will help to protect themselves and loved ones from various extraordinary events. For example, fox Fox conducted safety lessons for children, during which children reviewed preventive cartoons "Fox and Trot hurry to help." The cartoon from the brand "Foxtrot", is designed to teach children actions in the event of various emergencies and prevent their occurrence.

Reference: Since 2003, GC "FOXTROT" supports the initiatives of state authorities in teaching and educational work with schoolchildren on the prevention of injuries of children in the non-production sphere, and since 2008 the GKF under the motto "It's comfortable where it's safe!" It implements the social project "Safety School . Among the joint events on the National Police in Ukraine are competitions of children's drawings "My friend is a safe movement", competitions of school teams of young traffic inspectors (JUD) - from regional competitions in the all-Ukrainian finals in UDC "Young Guard". With the assistance of specialists from the State Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine, a training animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was created. Aggregate Views of the animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" on the official page of the GKF on Youtube and the pages of stakeholders in 2016 - 170,959 views. Based on the popular (in terms of views) series of the cartoon "Fire" - was developed leaflet "Correctly actions In case fire !". Since 2012, together with specialists from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the brand "Foxtrot" has been conducting "Safety Lessons" for younger schoolchildren. More than 20,000 CDs with a cartoon and educational leaflets were transferred to schools and kindergartens of the country to teach children safety rules during such lessons. In March 2013. the project "School of Security" was named the most recognizable among consumers in retail (based on the InMind survey), and in April 2013 became the winner of the 7th National Festival of Social Advertising in its nomination.