26 July

"Foxtrot" - "Creative Employer"

Representatives of government bodies, trade enterprises, public organizations of producers of goods and consumers, employees of scientific and expert institutions gathered in the profile trade university of Ukraine. The guests were greeted by the rector of the Kiev National Trade and Economic University Anatoly Mazaraki: "The years of our cooperation have proved that the combination of education and practice will certainly produce a brilliant result. KNTEU is the leader of economic education, which is included in the TOP-10 universities of Ukraine. This became possible due to the fact that the University is constantly developing, working closely with reliable and competitive partners. "

Words of greeting were received on that day by representatives of various trade collectives, and the delegation of the Foxtrot Group of Companies consisted of the best employees of the trade networks «Foxtrot» and «Secunda»."

We noted with gratitude those employees who systematically and effectively develop the brands" Foxtrot "and" Secunda ", setting the professional standards of the whole industry, not only in retail, but also in online trading," Gennady Vykhodtsev, General Director of "FOXTROT". On the stage on this day, the top 20 employees of enterprises under the brands, which are developing the GC "FOXTROT", have risen. These are the best selling store managers - Alla Maksimenko (she opened the first store of "Second" in Kiev) and Vitaly Polishchuk, who managed to serve in ATU and returned to the team recently; those who work effectively with the loyalty of consumers of the brand "Foxtrot" - employees of call-center Victoria Blischik and the service group Victor Pereluka.

In honor of the holiday, representatives of the real economy received certificates of partners in educational programs and letters of credit to fellow employers. Foxtrot Group of Companies received the title "Creative Employer", PJSC "Furshet" - "Active Employer", LLC "Epicenter-K" - "large-scale employer ", LLC" Brokard-Ukraine "-" Exclusive employer ", LLC" Arricano Real Estate "-" Creative employer ", LLC" Dream Club "-" Partner of active leisure ". In addition, representatives of the GC Foxtrot participated in the round table "No trade in the shadows!", Where the situation with consumer rights in Ukraine was discussed in the face of large-scale trade shadowing. The participants of the round table talked about the specifics of the reform of the customs of the Ministry of Finance, the need for on-line RRO for trade and e-commerce reform in terms of responsibility to the consumer. In addition, experts provided recommendations on how to teach the buyer to act correctly, and the seller - to comply with the laws in the current changes in the law.  

Reference: Within the framework of the corporate social responsibility strategy, the brand "Foxtrot" implements a number of educational projects. Having signed the Cooperation Agreement with the Kyiv National Trade and Economic University in March 2014, the GC Foxtrot received significant support from teachers and students for its own initiatives for the development of the industry. Business experts attend open lectures in KNTEU, advise teachers as employers, lead profile examining commissions. At the end of 2014, the innovative method in the retail method "Marking of electrical household goods and TV and radio equipment: a guide for retail employees" was developed jointly by Foxtrot experts and scientific staff of KNTEU. In 2014, the Foxtrot Group of Companies initiated the creation of the first professional standard for the "Vendor-Consultant of Non-Food Products" on the basis of the competencies of the sales consultants TM "Foxtrot. Home Appliances". The specialists of 12 trade networks of Ukraine, managers from profile associations of retailers, independent HR experts, specialists of the Department of vocational education of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and the Federation of Employers of Ukraine strengthened their own practical experience "Passport of the profession of the seller of a non-food consultant". The original of the professional standard of the seller-consultant of non-food products is placed in the national Repository of Professional Qualifications of the Employers' Federation of Ukraine (FRA) - Since September 1, 2015. in all professional technical schools in Ukraine that train sellers, new "Educational standards" have been introduced, taking into account the requirements of employers from the "Passport of the profession of the seller-consultant of non-food products." Educational programs have become more extensive and mobile, modules have been introduced, through which it is possible to study both all product groups and the study of goods by separate assortment groups. Particular attention is paid to the ability to establish contact with the client, the rules of professional conduct, merchandising standards and professional competencies.