29 August

School of Safety "from" Foxtrot "for toddlers who go to school

August 27, at the end of the last summer-2017 change in the children's health center "Red Carnation" in Berdyansk Zaporozhye region was a Security Day. About 700 children and adults became its participants. Specialists from the Main Department of the State Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine in Zaporozhye region and their social partners organized a meaningful and cheerful briefing on security rules before the start of the new academic year.

The children saw firsthand what equipment is in service in the divisions of the State Emergency Situations Department and how rescuers work in emergency situations. After the exhibition of equipment for young schoolchildren was waiting for a real holiday with a lot of competitions on the rules of safe conduct. The special guest of the holiday was the wise fox Fox, the heroine of the educational animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to help", filmed by the Foxtrot group of companies within its own social project "School of Security". After watching the children competed in the quiz on the motives of the cartoon and drew their ideas for further adventures of the brave chanterelle and her friend - the robot of Trot. And the most active have received surprises from the heroine of the cartoon. In general, over the period of 2015-2017, about 50,000 children in more than 100 educational institutions in the Zaporozhye region were able to watch the animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue", take part in festivals based on cartoon, security weeks organized by experts of the DSNS and receive memorable gifts from the Foxtrot Group of Companies.

"As a socially responsible business, we have been accustomed to systemic actions of specialists of public services for the prevention of children's dangers across Ukraine for 15 years, and Zaporozhye region is among the leaders in this movement for security and we are happy about the results," says the general director of the group of companies "FOXTROT" Gennady Vykhodtsev. - Yes, in 2016 in Zaporizhzhya region no children were killed in fires, and the number of injured children during emergency events decreased from 19 to 8! We are proud of this and continue to cooperate! 

Together with Zaporozhye rescuers, "Foxtrot" annually helps to carry out a number of children's activities aimed at preventing the death and trauma of the younger generation during emergency events. Safety Days, Months of Life Safety, various festivals on the basics of SLA have a prophylactic value and positively influence the children's consciousness, they form the corresponding knowledge and skills in life safety. Security lessons in the form of educational holidays as part of the social project "Foxtrot" "Safety School" contribute to better assimilation of knowledge about safe behavior and is held under the motto "Comfortable where safe." Such lessons have already taken place in more than 25 cities of Ukraine.

Reference: In 2006, GC "FOXTROT" was among the first 10 initiators of the CSR movement in Ukraine and signed an open letter to the business environment of the country with an appeal to join the principles of social partnership. In 2016, the GKF obtained an independent expertise in the field of CSR and joined the 5 most transparent companies in Ukraine-2016. Since 2003, GC "FOXTROT" supports the initiatives of state authorities in the teaching and educational work with schoolchildren on the prevention of injuries of children in the non-production sphere, and since 2008 the GKF under the motto "It's comfortable where it's safe!" It implements the social project "School of Security. Among the joint events on the National Police in Ukraine are competitions of children's drawings "My friend is a safe movement", competitions of school teams of young traffic inspectors (JUD) - from regional competitions in the all-Ukrainian finals in UDC "Young Guard". With the assistance of specialists from the State Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine, a training animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was created. On the Internet the animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was watched by about 200 000 spectators. Based on the popular (by the number of views) 4 series of the cartoon "Fire" a leaflet "If the fire actions are correct!" Was developed. Since 2012, together with specialists from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the brand "Foxtrot" has been conducting "Safety Lessons" for younger schoolchildren. More than 30,000 CDs with cartoons and educational leaflets were transferred to schools and kindergartens of the country to teach children safety rules during such lessons. In March 2013. the project "Safety School" was named the most recognizable among consumers in retail (based on the InMind survey), and in April 2013. became the winner of the 7th National Festival of Social Advertising in its nomination.