4 September

For whom science, for young hero - gratitude

the brand "Foxtrot" within the framework of its own social project "Safety School" under the slogan "It's comfortable where it's safe" thanked a teenager who showed heroism on the water during the summer holidays 

September 1 at the solemn line in Martynovsky SOSH 1-3 stages of Pulino district of Zhytomyr region rescuers, Cossacks and the trading network "Foxtrot" thanked the 9th grade student who saved from the death of a 12-year-old boy. 

The case occurred on June 30 this year. Young Viktor Timoshchuk at that time was resting in the Cossack camp in Korostyshev. That day they went on an excursion to the local canyon. There was a youth company, and they staged games on the beach. Suddenly one of them was in the water and began to sink. The first who to saw this was a 11th grade pupil Victoria Kunitskaya, a self-defense coach in the Cossack camp. She immediately rushed to the rescue. But she was trapped in a drowning man - he began to cling to the girl as a lifebuoy. To himself not to drown, she dived under the water and tried to keep him afloat. 

The witness of this dangerous situation was also the 14-year-old Viktor Timoshchuk. Instantly, he jumped to the rescue in the water from 10-meter height. Having reached the drowning man, the young man first took Victoria by the hand. Then he deliberately hit the guy on the back of the head, so that he lost consciousness and could not prevent the rescue. Turning the drowning pupil on back, Viktor covered his head with his hand and along with the girl brought the victim to the shore. 

Having learned about this heroic case, the rescuers together with the specialists of TM "Foxtrot" decided to mark the guy with valuable gifts. Therefore, on the Day of Knowledge, in front of the whole school, specialists of the DSNS handed the hero a mobile phone and an honorary certificate for showing courage and courage. A partner rescuers awarded him a digital camera and a backpack with souvenirs. Also on the feast of knowledge, Victor was officially consecrated to the Cossacks and keep to a saber. Now in the Cossack family of the hero will be called Topilicho. 

In addition, each pupil of junior classes received a schedule of lessons from the brand "Foxtrot", created based on the animated cartoon "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue", and the educational institution - a set of CDs with a educational animated cartoon, shot as part of the social project "School of Security" . 

Reference: Since 2003, GC "FOXTROT" supports the initiatives of state authorities in teaching and educational work with schoolchildren on the prevention of injuries of children in the non-production sphere, and since 2008 the GKF under the motto "It's comfortable where it's safe!" It implements the social project "Safety School . Among the joint events on the National Police in Ukraine are competitions of children's drawings "My friend is a safe movement", competitions of school teams of young traffic inspectors (JUD) - from regional competitions in the all-Ukrainian finals in UDC "Young Guard". With the assistance of specialists from the State Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine, a training animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was created. On the Internet the animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was watched by about 200 000 spectators. Based on the popular (by the number of views) 4 series of the cartoon "Fire" a leaflet "If the fire actions are correct!" Was developed. Since 2012, together with specialists from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the brand "Foxtrot" has been conducting "Safety Lessons" for younger schoolchildren. More than 30,000 CDs with cartoons and educational leaflets were transferred to schools and kindergartens of the country to teach children safety rules during such lessons. In March 2013. the project "Safety School" was named the most recognizable among consumers in retail (based on the InMind survey), and in April 2013. became the winner of the 7th National Festival of Social Advertising in its nomination.