13 September

"Foxtrot" discovered the young traffic inspectors-2017

The Foxtrot group of companies has become a partner of the All-Ukrainian meeting of talented schoolchildren of the country 15 times, which teach peers safety rules on the road.

From 5 to 13 September in Odessa took place the all-Ukrainian final competitions of detachments of young traffic inspectors (JUD) and the games of the teams of the Club of merry and resourceful young traffic inspectors (KVN YUID) in the children's center "UDC" Young Guard "in Odessa. Creative competitions for school teams from all over Ukraine were organized by the specialists of the Traffic Safety Administration of the National Police of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science and Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the long-standing partners of the UIIR Movement of Ukraine - the Foxtrot Group of Companies.

Almost 500 schoolchildren from all regions of Ukraine gathered for a meeting in the children's center "Young Guard" within the framework of the 9th Healthy Change "I am a citizen of Ukraine". During seven days the students competed in the knowledge of the Road Traffic Rules, such contests as "Young Regulator", "Bicycle Torch", "Advocacy Campaign", "Theoretical Knowledge of the Rules of the Road", "Medical Assistance" and in the competition "Social advertising on road safety ", learned the basics of health care for victims of road accidents.

By the total results, the best knowledge and skills were demonstrated by the teams from Zhytomyr, Cherkassy and Zaporizhzhya regions.

Traditionally, the real highlight of the show was the performance of the final games of the KVN-YUID teams. In humorous sketches participants of the competitions told that the road is not a place for jokes, and joked over those who do not respect the rules of the road. Flamboyant humor conquered all those present KVN team "Vitamins" from the Kiev region, took 1st place in the KVN-YYID competitions. "No one could even imagine that the YUID would survive the traffic police," joked the young KVN pupils from Boryspil.

Silver received the command "Stop-frame" from the city of Beregomet of the Chernivtsi region, last year's champion of KVN-YUID-2016. Among the best were also the teams "Ínshí díti" (Rivne) and "Third Rota" (Severodonetsk, Lugansk region).

-15 years ago, the friendship of Foxtrot with the Ukrainian YID , which inspired us to create our own social project "School of Security" under the slogan "It's comfortable where it's safe," said press secretary of the Foxtrot Company Alevtina at the closing ceremony Beletskaya. - Since then, younger schoolchildren learn the rules of safety along with the characters of our animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue", and the youth - playing in the KVN YUID. Encourage us further to useful projects, and let your movement develop!

Among the like-minded partners of the UIIR movement of Ukraine are the long-time assistants of the organizers of the rally, the Association of International Carriers of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Union of Motorists, the Ukrainian Medical Center for Traffic Safety and Information Technologies of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Children's Center "Young Guard". All of them are united by a common goal - to teach as many children as possible road rules, to provide first aid in an accident for a safe and comfortable future.

Reference: Since 2002, GC "FOXTROT" supports the initiatives of state authorities in teaching and educational work with schoolchildren on the prevention of injuries of children in the non-production sphere, and since 2008 the GKF under the motto "Comfortably where it is safe!" Implements the social project "Safety School Among the joint events with the National Police of Ukraine are competitions of children's drawings "My Friend - Safe Movement", competitions of school teams of young traffic inspectors (JUD) - from regional competitions to the all-Ukrainian final in the UDC "Young Guard." With the assistance of specialists from the State Emergency Situations Ministry of Ukraine, the educational animated series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was created.On the Internet, the cartoon series "Fox and Trot hurry to the rescue" was watched by about 200 000 spectators.On the grounds of the popular (according to the number of views) series of the cartoon "Fire" - the leaflet "In case of fire, act correctly!" was developed. "Since 2012, together with the specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the brand" Foxtrot "has been conducting" Safety Lessons "for younger schoolchildren. More than 20,000 CDs with a cartoon and educational leaflets were transferred to schools and kindergartens of the country to teach children safety rules during such lessons. In March 2013. the project "School of Security" was named the most recognizable among consumers in retail (based on the InMind survey), and in April 2013 became the winner of the 7th National Social Advertising Festival in its nomination.