17 September

Be healthy, Sasha! Charitable collection in Kiev "Foxtrot"

At the end of the summer charitable collection took place in 7 "Foxtrots" of Kyiv. 

Foxtrot, together with the "Hope and I believe" Charitable Foundation, conducted another collection of funds from box offices at the stores of stores. The collection took place in 7 Foxtrot stores, where charity boxes are located (19 Chokolivsky Boulevard, 68 Ave., October 68, pr-t Moskovsky Str., 21, 87, Pobedy Avenue, B. Kiltsev str., 110; street Verbitskogo, 18, Chernobylskaya street, 16/80). 

Representatives of the fund have withdrawn from the funds boxes for the total amount of 12 974 UAH.

The Foxtrot Network has been cooperating with the IF Hope and Trust Foundation since 2014, entering into a Partnership Agreement and reporting to its customers how the funds are spent from the boxes. 

This time, funds raised from buyers of Foxtrot were sent for the treatment of Sasha Shevchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk. Sasha is not yet four years old, and literally from the first breath of his life poisoned a rare and dangerous blood disease. Diagnosis – Congenital hemolytic anemia. In this disease, a child occasionally develop hemolytic crises – deviations, in which Sasha exhausts from weakness, nausea and inflammation. To improve the condition of the boy every 4 weeks to pour donor blood, otherwise everything may end fatal. Therefore, every 4-5 weeks a child is hospitalized in the oncohematology department for substitution therapy.  

The Shevchuk family lives from hospitalization to Sasha's hospitalization. Parents are trying their own cure for the sons. But from the constant transfusions of blood in all organs and bones of the child is accumulated a lot of iron. It is possible to remove from the body the allocation of iron only with the help of tablets "Exihad", the cost of which is 17,568 UAH per 1 package. 1 pack is enough for 2 months. 


We are infinitely grateful to indifferent buyers, through which we can help sick children. Ukraine demonstrates positive dynamics in the study of the World Charity Index. 

Charity in Ukraine is not a temporary phenomenon and not a tribute to fashion, but a proof of the maturity of society and business.