“Sekunda” is successful time seller and one of the oldest brand in independent Ukraine, Gennadiy Vykhodtsev and Valery Makovetsky said

The family of brands developed by the Foxtrot Group of Companies includes “Secunda” retail chain (Micropribor Company). The chain has 31 stores in 14 cities in Ukraine (as in mid-2020).

The Company has gone, over the almost 30-year history of the brand's existence, from a single store to a whole network of outlets, and from selling Casio watches to a full-fledged line of various products from leading world manufacturers.

Typical “Secunda” shop in Mall

– It was “Secunda”, the first network of watch shops in Ukraine that started timers retailing in independent Ukraine, – told Valery Makovetsky. He is co-founder of Foxtrot group of companies, which develops “Secunda” brand. – Our network presented this type of project in Ukraine for the first time and, hence, confirmed that it leads not only in trading locations quantity but in ideas and work concepts with world producers and customers.

Valery Makovetsky is a co-founder of Foxtrot group of companies, which develops “Secunda” brand

Secunda’s history

History of the present-day Secunda began with “Micropribor”,the cooperative formation in far 1990s. Cooperative rented about 1000 square kilometers of surface in the previous Lenin Museum.

Cooperative imported and sold household supplies wholesome and retail as well. Micropribor moved to Culture House building of Arsenal factory in December 1991.

On 15 March 1992, the first watch store by “Micropribor” started its work in Kyiv. The shop was called “Casio”. It was located on Moskovskaya, 3 Street. By the beginning of a new millennium, company expanded its area on Moskovskaya Street and entered a new building on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 132 Saksaganskaya 84/86 Street.

Advertisement for Casio watch and other goods that were sold there occupied the 5th place in amount of screen time in Ukraine in 1998. Imagine about 2500 minutes of screen time (the average clip timing is 3-10 seconds) were invested in brand promotion.

Company arranged the ground floor and separate entrance to the shop on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Street in Kyiv. Later, it bought a space at the gate of the factory named after Artem. In 1998, the biggest light box in CIS that was Casio shop sign hanged there.

Secunda shop with luminous Casio advertising 

The hyped name “Secunda” appeared only by 2000. At that time, company had registered actual trademark and had made network with 6 shops in Kyiv. Gennady Vykhodtsev and Valery Makovetsky were at the launch of one of the network shops on the corner of Saksaganskogo Street and Victory Square.

– Secunda is the oldest brand in the Foxtrot group of companies family today, – told Gennadiy Vykhodtsev, cofounder of Foxtrot group of companies that develops the brand. – Our time seller had become not only the real corporative culture guardian but the true driver of their own industry since then. Company offers for customers useful accessories and real attributes of the fashion pioneers and classic lovers. Watch is commonly accepted as marker of true leader.

Gennadii Vykhodtsev is a co-founder of Foxtrot group of companies, which develops “Secunda” brand

Brand expansion in Ukrainian regions began in 2001. About 20 shops were opened back then.

Network increased to 55 stores in 2007-2008. Secunda’s assortment replenished by goods from “Montres” (watches of the high-price segment) and “O`Clock” (watches and souvenirs of the low-price segment).

In 2014, the part of outlets was lost due to Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions occupation.

Trading mark Secunda is represented by 31 stationary stores and one online shop.

Concept of Secunda brand existence is a formation of watch culture in Ukraine. The actual motto is “watches for everyone”. Slogan demonstrates brand focusing on expectations of women and men, who appreciate their social status. They should have developed taste and their own fashion sense. Brand actively works on young auditory engagement in scope of watches, exact mechanisms and exciting present lovers.


The shop is located opposite metro station “Lukanivska” in Kyiv

Secunda’s unique commercial offer

Secunda was and remains the exclusive distributor of one of the most famous watches brand in Japan CASIO. At the same time network made an arrangement for exclusive sale of goods from popular Swiss brands like BALMAIN, CERTINA etc.

Thus, Secunda’s assortment goods from two countries forming world culture of watches. Those countries are Switzerland and Japan. Suppliers list is always updated with providers from Europe and Asia.

Secunda’s retailing feature is after-sales maintenance of customers’ purchases in specialized service centers. Wide range of services is provided for Swiss watch owners.


The display case with watches in Secunda shop

Secunda as social responsible business

Trading network “Secunda” has been supporting 2 non-commercial social important projects for 10 years. Firstly, “Secunda” is long-standing partner of Worldwide sports dance tournament “Parad Nadiy”. It is one of the most famous dance festivals in Kyiv. Winners and participants have gained certificates and presents from network.


Dance tournament Parad Nadiy

Capital dance school Fedorchuk has been organizing the tournament for 31 years in a row. The event has been held with Gennadyy Vykhodtsev, the head director of Foxtrot group of companies, support. For example, about 2000 sportsmen took part in the competition. They played 300 medal sets in European and Latin-American programs in 2020. The team of high-qualified and respected professionals from Ukraine, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, Germany, and Moldova has judged the tournament.

Dance tournament Parad Nadiy

– Best sportsmen from Ukraine and Europe visit the tournament, – told Valentyna Fedorchuk. She is the honored coach of Ukraine and international competition “Parad Nadiy” founder. – I am truly grateful for the opportunity to grant the winners with decent prizes and certificates.

Trading mark Secunda traditionally notes the winners, who every year become the decoration of the tournament, in categories Youth and Adults. Their performances are a calling card of the competition of the strongest.

Award ceremony in the dance tournament Parad Nadiy

In addition, Secunda became Ukrainian federation of karate partner not long ago. Company supported first International karate tournament Dnipro Casio Cup which takes place in Dnipro city.

The first interaction between watch seller and sport federation took place on 9 October 2017. Ukrainian karate federation president Sergiy Levchuk and executive director of trading network “Secunda” Andriy Ostrogliad signed a contract about the partnership. The competition itself was held on 4-5 November 2017.

International karate tournament Dnipro Casio Cup in Dnipro city

The next Dnipro Open took place on 13-14 October 2018. About 800 sportsmen from Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan competing in kata and kumite sections participated in this event. Competition has the status of international tournament with the judges of international category involvement. Dnipro Open 2018 competition belongs to tournaments of Ukrainian karate federation Prime League category.

One of the reasons why Secunda is interested in karate development in Ukraine was an Olympiad 2020 in Tokyo, where karate enthusiasts could compete for the first time. Karate was accepted as Olympiad sport! Furthermore, Secunda’s forward brand Casio undertook to provide all sections of international sport competition with precise watches. Olympiad was rescheduled for the next year due to covid-19 pandemic, but history of partnership is just beginning.

International karate tournament Dnipro Casio Cup in Dnipro city

In addition, company workers take part in social project “Green office” in Foxtrot group of companies every year. In 2019, they participated in initiation to the tenth anniversary of “Green office” the forward-looking rating. Secunda’s team had the biggest number of participants (13 employees from the central office) amongst all of the registered team in the corporative rating.

Brand staff took part in all forward-looking rating actions in 2019. They collected waste paper three times and plastic caps twice, carried eco bags in everyday life, used their own cups instead of plastic ones etc. That is why team took the 4 place among the teams of corporative forward-looking rating.

“Micropribor” team is ready for a waste paper delivery to participate in “The forward-looking” rating

At the same time, many company workers participate voluntary in the work of Foxtrot group of companies corporative movement “I want to help”. It supports Ukrainian defenders. Secunda’s volunteers have taken part in 70 initiation actions since 2014. Time guardians took part in two charitable fairs of “I want to help” movement and in 7 fundraising for particular volunteers’ requests. Medical supplies, products, essentials like tents and sleeping bags were bought for raised money.

From year to year, Secunda participates in different events like charitable fairs “I want to help”, “We are together” action for settlers from occupied territory, fund-raising for household supplies procurement for soldiers in Kyiv and Irpin hospitals.

Secunda’s traditions

Another Secunda’s feature is support of the sections traditions. Before, in pre-revolutionary Russia, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and even in USSR, watches were made by related dynasties. Sons inherited this business from their parents. It was rare when outsiders became the watchmakers, since secrets of mastery have been handed down through families.

As it happens, watch retailing Secunda inherited this kinship. It is not uncommon for employees to work together as family. Workers get a job there thanks to friends’ advice. This shows comfortable surroundings at the work and fulfillment of the company’s commitments. The low percentage of staff turnover testifies that. It was estimated that 59% of employees work there for more than 3 years. 33% of them work there for more than 5 years.

Secunda in perspective

Trading mark Secunda is planning to attend the A-List of Ukrainian Malls in the future. At the same time, company is planning to increase the service level for customers and clients of unique company service.

Company is ready for trends monitoring and offers the opportunity for customers to experience the best goods like watches of different kinds, exact mechanisms, presents and souvenirs.

Gallery of love to Secunda and society recognition

2003 The best design of stand at “Watch Exhibition 2003” fair, diploma
2004 Award at the international competition “Golden trading marks”. Victory in festival competition “The choice of 2004” in nomination Watch shop of the year
2005 Victory in festival competition “The choice of 2005” in nomination Watch shop of the year
2006 Best product presentation at “Jeweler expo Ukraine” fair, diploma
2007 Victory in the festival competition “Brand of the year 2007” in nomination Best watch network
Best product presentation at “Watch Exhibition 2007” fair, diploma
2010 Gratitude to employees from Kyiv city administration
2011 Gratitude to employees from Kyiv city administration
2012 Gratitude to employees from Kyiv city administration
2013 Victory in nomination Watch chain store of national award Retail Awards 2013
2014 Victory in nomination Watch chain store of national award Retail Awards 2014
2015 Victory in nomination Watch chain store of national award Retail Awards 2015
2016 Victory in nomination Watch chain store of national award Retail Awards 2016
2017 Victory in nomination Watch chain store of national award Retail Awards 2017


Photos of trophies collected by Secunda through years

– Hard times are the true stamina test for everyone, – sums up the executive director of Secunda trading network, Andriy Ostrogliad. – There is word resilience in English. We has stopped living be the standard rules, so we need to change them, select the new one, look for new development algorithms. Trading network Secunda instantly organized management’s remote work during quarantine. Network shops were temporarily closed, but our website secunda.com.ua offered the widest in Ukraine watch assortment for everyone just like before. Online shop staff provided goods delivery following the safety rules. Therefore, we used quarantine to update and develop culture of watch, precise mechanism and luxury presents in Ukraine.

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