18 December

Depot's Beauty

On December, 14 in Kyiv in the Hall of Champions of the NSC "Olympic" a presentation of the book "National Register of Records of Ukraine-2018" was held. 

More than 400 unusual and extraordinary achievements, which hit the record of 2017 compatriots’ record holders, were included in the publication. There are also the achievements of the SEC Depo't center in Cherkassy among them. 

On April, 13, 2017 the SEC Depo't arranged Ukraine's record for the largest number of girls in the Ukrainian dress, whose hair is woven into a single braid. To set the record, 6 masters and 30 girls were braiding, and the total length of the braided pigtail was 11 meters 88 cm. This record was perpetuated in the book in the section "mass events". 
"Our team was inspired to set the record when we saw the beauty of the Cherkashchans, who go to SEC Depo’t for family shopping", - says Elena Kononenko, the manager of SEC Depo't Center. - And since our concept lies not only in purchases but also family entertainment, the idea of the action for braiding the longest pigtail in Ukraine has emerged. 

Next to the category where you can see the victory of Cherkassy TRC, on the pages of the Book of Records there are the representatives of different professions from all over Ukraine in the categories "Art", "Space", "Children", "Media", "Air records", "Science and Technology" and so on. 

Record holders and famous sportsmen, multiple Ukrainian and world champions in power sports Vasiliy Virastyuk and Sergei Konushok, the record holder of the National Records Record Club Lidiya Gunko took part in the presentation of the new edition of the Book of Records of Ukraine. 

We could not do without setting new records, which will already be included in the next book of records of Ukraine. The strongest athlete of Belarus, Cyril Shimko, Ukraine's record-breaker, blew 42 candles out with one breath. The record demonstrated the power of human breathing "The man with the largest volume of lungs" and will enter the section "International achievements". A Ukrainian, Olga Lyashchuk, set a record for the largest number of approaches of deadlift from a 90-kilogram Book of records made of concrete. She did 17 approaches per minute. 

In the final of the event, all the record-breakers were awarded with the memorable books, made festive selfies and already started to train for new records in order to surprise the world! 

Reference: DEPO't Center ™ brand is represented by the network of shopping and entertainment centers in the regions of Ukraine - in such cities as Chernivtsi, Nikolaev, Lubny, Cherkasy and Kropiwnicki. The DEPO't Center brand is being developed by the FOXTROT Group of Companies and regional partners. The developer of the brand is the company DEPOT Development Group. The SEC DEPO't in Ukraine is united by a general concept for development of shopping and entertainment centers, and the marketing strategy is aimed at developing a culture of shopping and recreation for the whole family, providing a large selection of different goods, services and implementing educational and entertainment projects for children and youth.