16 August

Foxtrot - Healthy Team

Delo.UA in partnership with the Eat me brand implemented the fEatMe project: miles of Teambilding. A bike ride was among 12 Ukrainian companies. These are the companies that are not afraid of change and consider a healthy lifestyle as part of a corporate culture. 

#fEatMe is a project that can be won, but can not be lost. It's 90 hours for bikes at working time and 2 000 bicycle kilometers - from Kiev to Brussels. 

The project involved 355 office workers who ate 2,000 EatMe Bars restoring their strength. 

To attract the maximum number of participants to the competition, the organizers decided to install the exercise bike in the lobby of the business center, where the office of the company "Foxtrot" is located. No employee, even if it is very desirable, could not walk past the stand of the fEatMe project and counterparts twisting the pedals. On the one hand, it was a fine calculation of the organizers, on the other - this situation was fully consistent with the strategy of team participation in the competition. 

It was interesting to observe the girls - most of them fitted to the simulator to scroll 1-2 km to get the bars and eat them, drinking tasty coffee or tea during a break for lunch. However, practically everyone, having achieved the planned result, made a decision to go further. 

Thus, the Foxtrot team received the honorary title of the "Healthy Team" and showed the coordinated work of the entire team.