Safety school

Since 2002 GC "Foxtrot" is working closely with the Department of STI of MIA. Of actions aimed at preventing road - traffic injuries - children's drawing competition "My friend - safe motion" competition school teams of young traffic inspectors (YUID) - from regional competitions in Ukrainian finals Ukrainian competition KVN - YUID where students in the form of jokes teach their peers how to avoid danger on the road. All this contributes to the awareness of small road users and reduce injuries on the roads because of the children's ignorance.

In 2002, under the motto "Comfortably where it is safe" starts a social project "Foxtrot", "safety school." Developing cooperation GSCHS Ukraine prevention to prevent injury to children as a result of accidents in the non-manufacturing sector. The project with the assistance of experts GSCHS Ukraine 4 series filmed series "Fox Trot and Rescue" - the actions of the child during a fire, as well as the card is designed for mounting the new rules. In 2012, 2013, together with experts from the Rescue "101" network "Foxtrot" holds throughout Ukraine "Safety Lessons" for younger students. At these lessons students visited more than two dozen cities in Ukraine. Thousands of CDs and instructive cartoon cards were transferred to schools and kindergartens country for safety education. In March 2013 the project "Safety School" was named the most recognizable among consumers in retail (in a survey InMind), and in April 2013 won the 7 - the National Festival of Social Advertising in the nomination.

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