March in memory page

“March in memory” is the project aimed to preserve the historical memories. It has been realized through the social centre “Perspective”.

“March in memory” task is the targeted assistance for the World War 2 veterans, internationalist soldiers, work and war veterans.

Tools for project implementation are the film club “The Memory”, exploratory researches, assistance squads, artworks contest about military-patriotic themes.

“March in memory” project realization results:

  • publication of two scientific-methodical collection of the history of World War 2;
  • holding the three contests of journalistic skeel about “Eternal echo of the War”;
  • two solemn reburials of the remains of soviet soldiers near Kyiv during 2004-2006;
  • two military dots since soviet union were streamlined;
  • graves of those who took part in Kyiv liberation were cleaned-up;
  • artworks contest “memory in uniform” together with all-Ukrainian journal “Camouflage”.

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