Parade of hope

Support dance sport in Ukraine
GC "Foxtrot" for 19 years has been the general partner of the International Dance Sport Tournament "Parade of hope." Tournament organizers - School Dance "Dance Sport" (Fedorchuk Dance School) and the Association of Ukrainian Dance. Partnership contributes to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the development of the national school sports dance.

International Sport Dance Tournament "Parade of Hopes" distinguishes mass (over 18 years about 30,000 couples have become parties), exclusivity (JavaScript Cup "Foxtrot" from the network Foxtrot. Household "tournament and the best performance of the foxtrot dance), as well as authority in the sports world (the highest professionalism of judges for skill athletes).

Annually for 330 medals of the tournament "Parade of Hope" compete athletes from Ukraine, Germany, Canada, Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, and Poland. "Adults", "Youth 2", "youth 1", "Junior 2", "Junior 1", "2 Juvenile", "Juvenile 1", "seniors" - different categories of athletes fighting for medals of the European Championship in Kiev " Parade of Hope "and Cup" Foxtrot ". Especially the last tournament - the program "Formations" (team performances) Latin program, Pro-Am on Argentine tango (paired - teacher and student) and performance of children from 4 years old - in the category of "Baby."

Judges - star team referee is "Parade of Hope", come to the tournament from England, South Africa, France, Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Current champions and legends of sports dance in the world, and some - the winners of the World festival in Blackpool (United Kingdom, the birthplace of sports dance). Judicial command headed by Honored coach of Ukraine, Chairman of the college of the Association of Ukrainian Dance and organizer of "Parade" Valentine Fedorchuk.

"Parade of Hope" - a favorite sporting event, not only athletes, but also employees and partners GCF. Over 19 years of partnership with GCF this tournament on his stands rooting for athletes about 4,000 employees, business partners and associates of public organizations. In addition, some at the invitation of the organizers of the initiative and GC "Foxtrot" established their own cups - "Victoria Cup" for the will to win, "cup" Hope DanceSport "(category "baby")..


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