Group of companies "Foxtrot" - follows the principles of the UN Global Compact principles of socially responsible business activities.

It is a conscious choice of holding many thousands of employees - to promote continuous growth of Ukraine not only by their own achievements in business, but also through the mechanism of social investment.

This choice is based on the belief that competitive advantages appear where social aspects identified as priorities in the overall business strategy. What exactly we adhere to the principles of the Treaty of the UN?

Social Responsibility:
  • GC "Foxtrot" successfully develops business annually about creating thousands of jobs;
  • Pays taxes, filling the state budget;
  • Participates in solving critical social problems in the country and contributes to the development of civil society.
Responsibility for employees and their families:
  • Employees of companies "Foxtrot" have modern working conditions;
  • Provides a decent level of social security;
  • Improve their own skills through corporate training programs;
  • Promote programs to motivate and retain talented managers.
Responsibility in the field of environment and ecology:
  • Active participation in addressing environmental problems of our time;
  • Minimizing the negative impact on the environment;
  • Economical use of natural resources in the process of their own activities.
Systematic sponsorship and charity:
  • Preservation of historical memory;
  • Promoting education;
  • Support of national culture;
  • Popularization of sports as the basis of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Help for vulnerable people.

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