Our mission, vision and values

We bear to the people:

- A new quality of life, because we offer our customers not only a wide range of technology and solutions and a wide range of domestic problems. We bear the comfort to the home, and this creates coziness not only in homes, but also in the hearts of our fellow citizens;

- A new type of relationship "seller" - "buyer" in a new format stores, where relationships are based on mutual respect, positivism and the effectiveness of the process;

- New quality partnerships, where the partners are responsible for duties and the result;

- A new perspective on corporate relationships, where each employee - a part of the corporate team, and holding strengthened by strengthen of company’s team spirit;

- A new quality of business participation in social life, as social projects of the Group of companies "Foxtrot" systematic, consistent with the social public policy and support the activities of state institutions in solving urgent social problems.


We perform an integral role in the activities of the companies GKF, we direct the general steps towards the same goal. Our work involves a constant search for and implementation of the best ideas that are effective for both founders and employees of companies and society as a whole.


We are ready to fulfill their obligations and take responsibility for their decisions and actions to those who use our services. We are careful and pragmatic in decisions making, knowing that the result of our actions must be a positive change in business and society.


We are ready to sustainable development through increasing professionalism of every employee, the overall quality of the units and the level of complexity of services provided by the Company. We encourage initiative and strive to be open to change, to perceive another's point of view, to share with colleagues, knowledge and experience.


We are reasonably and reasonable organizes the activity, actually appreciate the means to achieve a common goal. We focus on the most effective performance of the company with a minimum consume of time and money.


We identify ourselves with the company, working as a team of associates. We appreciate the integrity of the collective as a joint effort to achieve the goals of the company.

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