Employees of companies "Foxtrot" - volunteers of social initiatives - help children who are being treated in public hospitals, or are raised in orphanages and boarding schools:
- Children deprived of parental care and the "street children" living in a rehabilitation center BF "Father's house" (Petrine, Kiev region);
- Orphans of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children "Dream Pereyaslavschiny" (Tsibliyev, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region);
- Orphans of the Boarding "Cradle Children's Hope" (Novosyolky, Kiev region);
- Children with tuberculosis who are treated in specialized children's sanatorium "Periwinkle" (Boiarka, Kiev region).



Reference: Charitable funds and organizations with which Foxtrot co-operates: SOS Children's Villages Ukraine, International Charitable Organization Embassy of Life, Charitable Foundation "Hope and Believe". In 2017 year, 15 "Foxtrot" in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast helped charitable partner funds transfer UAH 13,851.48.

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