Top management


Vasily Perepelitsa, CFO of the Group of Companies "FOXTROT" (GCF), First Deputy CEO GCF

Vasily A. Perepelitsa came to GCF from the banking sector. He has 18 years of experience at the top positions in banks, in commercial, industrial and service companies. Yt is good experienced in the project management, fundraising for the implementation of trade and investment programs, as well as 10 years of experience in the trade - logistics, import-export operations, wholesale, financial management, preparation and conclusion of companies in international capital markets.

He managed the specialists of the Financial and Economy Department who reduced the interest expense charged on loans to businesses of the Group. They also have diversified relations with creditors; and have attracted foreign experts in this area ("Euronics") to increase sales per "Foxtrot. Home Appliances" square meter.

The Financial and Economic Department of the GKF, under the Vasily Perepelitsa management initiated the organization of cost management businesses assets, denoting the role of the GKF as a portfolio investor. And in 2013, he has established a system of consumer loans in the network, the program "Financial Supermarket", the one of a kind in retail market of Ukraine.

Vasily Perepelitsa is active football fan, he belongs fan club "Chelsea". Loves to travel. Has two daughters.

Vyacheslav Povroznik, executive director of the network "Foxtrot. Home Appliances"

In May 2012, the supervisory board of a trading network "Foxtrot. Home Appliances "decided to appoint Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Povroznik as executive director of the network from 1 June 2012. Vyacheslav Povroznik came into the trading network "Foxtrot. Home Appliances" with gained experience from an automotive company, where he used to work within distribution development department.

Vyacheslav Povroznik started its activity in the automobile business since 1992 in the company «Winner Ford Kyiv». Started from the position of manager of parts and soon was appointed as General Manager of the distributing company «Winner Imports Ltd». In 2002, Vyacheslav was headed the companies "UkrAvtoZAZ-Service" and "AvtoZAZ-service", which became a part of the corporation UKRAVTO and automobile brands such as Opel, Chevrolet, Lanos, Sens, ZAZ.

Under his leadership, the company "UkrAvtoZAZ Service" has become the best in the industry, and Vyacheslav Povroznik was recognized as the best leader of the dealer network in Ukraine in 2005. Since 2006, he was deputy chairman of the corporation "UkrAVTO" on car sales and dealer network development.

In 2014 he received a diploma "For significant contributions to the development of domestic business and for personal professionalism" from the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on business, regulatory and antimonopoly policy.

Andrey Ostroglyad, executive director of the retail chain «Seconda» 

Andrey Ostroglyad has over 10 years of managerial experience in retail projects. He worked his way from the seller to the chief operating officer in the company "Foxtrot. Home Appliances". Works in the group of companies "Foxtrot" since 2004, in the course of business, his progress has been repeatedly noted. Andrey was voted the best shop manager, regional retail network and the region as a whole.  On own experience knows that hard work and dedication necessarily lead to success.

Believes that, to reach the goal, and therefore success, you need to think strategically, a lot of work on yourself, and learn to care about learning and personal growth of the team. Has the skill of building teamwork, managing business processes, crisis management.

In 2013, was awarded the Gratitude of the Prime Minister of Ukraine "for the many years of hard work, a significant contribution to the reform of domestic trade, the development of entrepreneurship and creation of market infrastructure in Ukraine."

Andrey Ostroglyad - a supporter of an active healthy lifestyle, it takes an active patriotic stance, and has two sons.

Vladimir Nikitenko, Commercial Director DEPOT Development Group

Since 2003 Vladimir Nikitenko as senior manager specialized in the leasing of retail space, launching and managing shopping centers, audit and real estate development in Ukraine. He headed the processes associated with finding tenants and signing leases in Kiev and regions, coordinated team of brokers working on projects.

Among the gained experience - skills to represent the interests of owners of real estate participate in the process of advising clients in the development of the concepts of shopping centers, business plans, zoning of commercial space, as well as in the development of the basic conditions of the lease.

The main activity of Vladimir Nikitenko in the status of the commercial director of DDG - the achievement of a mutually beneficial commercial terms of lease transactions with international and national operators of the retail market; involvement in the regions of anchor tenants for the development of civilized trade formats.

Also, another project headed by Vladimir, is the development of children's entertainment center, Fantasy Town.

During the work of Vladimir Nikitenko as commercial director of DDG following results were achieved:
- The development of the entertainment business, as one of components of Depo't center;
- The achievement of positive dynamics reduction of vacant retail space;
- The establishment of communication between the company and the regional offices.