Stages of the competitive selection

Our company is constantly evolving, expanding operations and opens new directions. In this regard, we need the best experts and professionals!

Selection of personnel to work in GK "Foxtrot" is only based on the results of professional competitive selection. Competitive selection for open positions in our company consists of several stages:

1. Application process

If you are interested in any of the positions at our company and you want to become part of our team, send your resume to the email specified in vacancy.

Under the condition that your experience and knowledge will meet our vacancy, you will be contacted by our specialist staff and invited to an interview where you can learn more details about the vacancy and the conditions of employment.

Any information about your candidacy is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties according to the Law on personal data. If the corresponding vacancy currently unavailable in our company, and you really want to work in GK "Foxtrot", send your resume and cover letter by email:

In cover letter include your full name and desired position, as well as responsibilities that interest you. Our HR specialists will contact you when a vacancy matching your experience occurs. Even if we do not contact you immediately, your resume is interesting and important for us!

2. Interview

According to the results of selection for a job, we invite candidates for interviews in human resources department. Before the interview, we offer candidates complete a personal profile.

Stage "Interviewing" may include 3 meeting with the candidate:
•    an interview at the HR department;
•    assessment of professional knowledge and skills;
•    meeting with the immediate supervisor.
At the meeting, we will answer your questions about the company, position and development opportunities within the company.

3. A job offer

Period over which you will get an answer, we discuss during an interview. Feedback on the results of competitive selection we provide through e-mail or a phone call. If you were recommended by representatives of the recruitment agency, they will give you information about the next steps.

After all phases of competitive selection, we do a job offer to the best candidates and discuss in detail the working conditions, benefits and compensation, answer all remaining questions, assign the date of the first working day.

4. Going to Work and adaptation

Every new employee, at first days on job in the company, is being introduced to the corporate values and rules, history and achievements of our company.  In the course of the probationary period direct supervisor and specialist support "novice" and help him adapt in the company.

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