• 50447
    7 November

  • 50446
    1 November

    Foxtrot presented new brand concept

    Omni-channel retailer Foxtrot made rebranding and started new communication platform

  • 50443
    24 October

  • 50444
    24 October

    Evgeny Shumeyko becomes a head of the Fiscal Department of Foxtrot Group of Companies

    The head director of the Foxtrot group of companies Gennadiy Vykhodtsev signed on 24 October 2019 an order appointing Evgeny Shumeyko, the member of Founder’s Council of the Foxtrot Group of Companies as a Financial Director of the Foxtrot Group of Companies and Director of Fiscal Department of the Foxtrot Group of Companies.

  • 50445
    22 October

    “Live alive” is the slogan of the updated Foxtrot-2019

    The popular trading network celebrates its first 25th anniversary this year. Brand businessperson and co-founder Gennadiy Vykhodtsev congratulated retailer’s team with an anniversary.

  • 50442
    16 October

    Alexey Zozulia headed Foxtrot team

    Viacheslav Povroznik moves to staff of monitoring network council

  • 50441
    12 October

    Foxtrot and Fair in Zaporizhzhia

    On 12 October, the traditional Intercession of Theotokos Fair (Pokrov Fair) was held in Zaporizhzhia within the 15th All-Ukrainian public action “To prevent. To save. To help” organized by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

  • 50440
    11 October

    Foxtrot is in the top 20: experts named the best Ukrainian employers of 2019

    In 2019, Foxtrot once again dropped in the rating of the best Ukrainian employers according to a business edition “Vlast’ Deneg”. At the same time company got the first place in the 20 best Ukrainian employers in segment of electronic and household equipment trading.

  • 50439
    24 September

    Foxtrot greeted the strongest rescuer of the 2019

    International contest “The strongest firefighter of the 2019” was held in the centre of Kyiv on 21-22 September. Directorate General of the State emergency Service of Ukraine organized battle of the strongest.

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