Gennadii Vykhodtsev: we need to support the talant!

Project “A big heart of a small life” has been initiated by Foxtrot group of companies and its co-founders Gennadii Vykhodtsev and Valerii Makovetsky. The Ministry of the Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Education Ministry of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, NIKO concern, a number of public organizations and Ukrainian Orthodox Church supported the project. Project included three phases.

On the first stage of the “Big heart of a small life” project, orphanages’ and boarding schools’ students sent to organizers about 13 thousands artworks under the theme “Spiritual dimension: hopes and dreams”, In the end of 2006, about 100 children from Ukraine, whose work were considered the best, went to the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reservation to discover historical monuments and get the gratitude and prizes for their work. At the final project stage, 10 the most talented children were selected. Psychological-pedagogical work to them was held during two years. The project task is to help the talented teenagers adapt to life after boarding school.

In parallel with the contest, the second phase of the project started. It is the creation of a feature film “The Small Life” based on a self-titled story by Olexandr Zhovny. Film tells the story about a young boy, who has brought back health to a strange girl at the cost of his own life. Mitropolit Volodymyr of Kyiv and the whole Ukraine, the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church blessed the organizers on the good business.

Story “The Small Life” by Olexandr Zhovny became the winner of the contest by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for the best socially important script. He became the laureate of all-Ukrainian contest “The word coronation” in the category “Film script”. Film took second place at the international film festival “The Cover” in 2008. It became the only one full-length native movie in its nomination at the film festival “The Youth-2008”. In addition, the film was presented in a competition programme of International Sreten Orthodox film festival “Meeting” and on Ukrainian movie day in Cologne.

Project continued in 2019. “Foxtrot. Household supplies” brand developed by Foxtrot group of companies contributed to rehabilitation of young patients of Kyiv City Heart Center. People’s artist Valeriy Chigiliaev in the image of the kind wizard and the film director Zarina Archakova visited the patients of Borys Todurov (the head director of Kyiv City Heart Center). The kind wizard Valeriy Chigiliaev talked to children, asked about their dreams and wishes. As they were talking, Valeriy Chigiliaev gave every kid the present as the kind wizard. With the help of the trading network “Foxtrot”, a young patient of Heart Center has become the owner of the new tablet or laptop.

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