Gennadii Vykhodtsev talks about ecologic business initiations

Eco class is a social project of trading network “Foxtrot. Household supplies”. It is a brand, which Foxtrot group of companies develops. Project has appeared due to initiation and full support from Gennadii Vykhodtsev. He is Foxtrot group of companies head director. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine National Eco Naturalistic Centre for young students has become another one partner.

All-Ukrainian contest “Eco-class” is a form of project realization. Its point is the idea of elaboration and realization of action, which minimizes human influence on the environment and forms a witful attitude towards nature resources.

Students and teachers from all over the country have taken part in the first two contests in the nomination “Eco cool collective”. Groups of students along with teachers and family members were invited to participate in the third contest. 2 nominations were established for this purpose - “Eco-cool collective” and “Eco-cool family”.

Jury members were ecology experts known in Ukraine, public figures, representatives of the Education Ministry of Ukraine. Projects, developed by groups of students along with teachers and family, were judged by the following criterias:

  • practical benefit for the people and the environment;
  • zoom option;
  • idea originality;
  • result presentation (principle digitalization to avoid using paper)
In 2016, contest organizers received for consideration about 900 ecology projects, where more than a 1 million students and their teachers and family were involved.

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