The advantage of working with us

  • Human Resources Policy according to Laws of Ukraine
Human resources policy in the company is based on compliance of all existing laws and regulations of the Ukrainian government, as well as standards of conduction within the company - corporate ethics.

The enterprise under the trademark of GC «Foxtrot» sticks to them during the recruitment process, as well as in period of their activity. In the legal framework developed and implemented special internal documents on completion of the probationary period, adaptation of the employee, the motivation system and granting of holidays.
  • Positive morale, without discrimination or lack of respect in the team
The activity of enterprises under the trademark of GC "Foxtrot" is based on the unconditional power, respect for other cultures, dignity and human rights. We are peculiar to a friendly and open environment, democratic management, respect for each other.
  • A corporate culture
In 2013, the group of companies "Foxtrot" was included in the "Top 25 employers of Ukraine" according to the study of public opinion from the newspaper "Capital." The company has designed an adaptation program. Every new employee, during first days In the company gets acquainted with corporate values and standards, history and achievements of the company, its goals and objectives. The main sources of information of company employees are corporate media - "Feed GCF" and "LUK - Best Management Company", team events and daily communication.

Annually for the staff conducted various corporate holidays: New Year celebrations, the International Women's Day - March 8, Men's Day - October 14, birthday of the company. In the piggy bank of interesting team events from previous years - paintball, kart racing, sailing regatta, fan-game casino, "Mafia". And the children of employees GC "Foxtrot" pleased with annual holidays such as - Christmas party, sports relay races "We - are the champions!".
  • In a healthy body - healthy mind!
At the workplace of our employees created a healthy and stimulating high productivity working conditions. At the enterprises under the trademarks Group of Companies "Foxtrot" have their own football team, and each employee has an opportunity to become a player or to be in a "cheer squad" of their corporate team! Annually, there are sports competitions among workers, the most vivid of which - an internal tournament for the Futsal (mini soccer) Cup of GCF.

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