22 March

Foxtrot has paid more than 0.5 billion taxes to the state budget in 2017

Foxtrot trading network paid 534 781 357 hrn of taxes and fees to budgets of all levels according with the results of January-December 2017. 

This is 30% more than last year. In "Foxtrot" noted that the status of one of the largest sellers and hence one of the major taxpayers in the field of multi-channel retail obliges to show an example of social responsibility. 

"We understand the payment of taxes as an indicator of our social responsibility," says Vyacheslav Povroznyk, Executive Director of Foxtrot Network. 

Help: Network Foxtrot. Home Appliances numbered 158 supermarkets in 90 Ukrainian cities with a sales area of 151 thousand. sq. for March 2018. The number of participants in the Fox Club loyalty program for December-2017 reached 7 million.