27 April

Fox and rescuers at the lesson of safety in Mykolaiv

On April 27, employees of the Main Directorate of the State Service of Ukraine with emergency situations in the Mykolayiv region, along with the Fox (the main character of the cartoon "Fox and Trot in a hurry to help"), visited the first grade students of the Mykolayiv Specialized School 22 to conduct a safety lesson within the framework of the social project of GC "Foxtrot" "School of Safety". 

Fox and rescuers taught the kids the rules of safe behavior with fire. During the meeting, the specialists of the SNS and Fox reminded schoolchildren of the basic rules of safe behavior during rest in the nature, near water facilities, explained the immediate actions in everyday life. 

Pupils reviewed the cartoon about the rules of conduct during the fire in the apartment, where the main saviors were Fox and Trot. The children were actively answering the questions of Fox after watching the cartoon, and also played a similar situation in the classroom. Someone was in the role of rescuer, and someone was in the role of victim. In the end, Fox gave the children gifts from GC "Foxtrot" and emphasized that "Comfortably where it is safe".