15 January

Eco-math GC Foxtrot in 2018

Corporate volunteers summarized the results of the Green Office program-2011. Only the collected waste paper in the central office will be enough to keep from cutting 120 trees. 

At the end of 2018, the Foxtrot Group Headquarters summarized the results of the environmental volunteers of the Green Project Corporate Project. During the year, the employees of the office organized 4 "Green Shares" for collecting waste paper, plastic caps and batteries. 

Green mathematics showed that over the past year, GСF office employees collected and recycled almost 5 tons of finished office paper, 10 bags of plastic caps and over 70 kg of batteries. Since the project has charity features, each action was devoted to someone who needed help. 

In June 2018, during the "green action", eco-activists handed over 1800 kg of waste paper for processing. The funds received were handed to Aleksandr Gorbenko, a veteran ATO, who since 2017 has been picked up by volunteers at the GC Foxtrot. 

Winter "Green" action took place on December 11 on the eve of St. Nicholas Day. On the International Mountain Day it was possible to collect 525 kg of waste paper. The funds raised will be sent to charity as soon as 2019, when the volunteers are determined, who needs help. 

One of the important factors in the popularity of the Green Office in the Foxtrot Group is the support of the company's leadership initiative. 

"At the 10th year of the Green Office, the activity of the social project participants is not diminishing, and green initiatives are gaining in popularity," says Gennady Vyhodtsev, General Director of the Foxtrot Group of Companies. - Rewards for such initiatives are difficult to come up with, although the company has a system of support for activists. Here are the important values that employees share with us: responsibility, rationality, kindness. This is not only the moral qualities of employees, but also the indicator of social activity of the business, which has lived under the "green" rules for 10 years. Being "eco" is in the trend today. The merit of my colleagues is that we are in this trend. Thank you employees - environmental activists GСF.

Reference: FOXTROT Group of Companies develops Foxtrot brands. «Technoshara" (retail consumer and electronic equipment) and "Sekunda" (time retail), as well as DEPO't Center and Fantasy Town (real estate management). Managed by the Group of Companies FOXTROT Valery Makovetsky and Gennady Vyhodtsev. 

GC "FOXTROT" is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and a participant of the Go Green initiative launched by the OO, which calls for the unification of the efforts of all sectors of society to transform Ukraine into a state with a high level of environmental consciousness. Corporate program "Green Office" has been working in GKF since 2009, hundreds of volunteers are implementing this ecological charity program. Following the chosen course and mission of the company, applying the best modern technologies, wisely using material resources, focusing on the result and personal responsibility, employees of GK "FOXTROT" systematically implement the "Green Office" program.