Foxtrot and Fair in Zaporizhzhia

On 12 October, the traditional Intercession of Theotokos Fair (Pokrov Fair) was held in Zaporizhzhia within the 15th All-Ukrainian public action “To prevent. To save. To help” organized by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. 

The Fest of Safety took 6 hours during the fair. There the specialists of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reminded people about importance of following the safety rules. Rescuers showed citizens exhibition of modern technics used by Zaporizhzhia garrison soldiers. 

Foxtrot spokespersons told about safety at home on the rescuers location via their own firm cartoon, educational quizzes and gifts for kids. Foxtrot group of companies social partner of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine support the Intercession of Theotokos preventive actions 3th year in a row. It was within the social project “Safety school” under the slogan “Safety is the key of comfort”.

- We congratulate Zaporizhzhia on City Day and our partners on the festive of safety, - the head director of the Foxtrot Group of companies Gennadii Vykhodtsev commented on partnership with the fair. – Maximal number of citizens and tourists of the city would be gathered there on those days. Parents and their children will remind the main rules of life like being alive and healthy. Foxtrot will help the fest with being colorful. 

Little Foxtrot assistants the team of pupils “The Fire knights” invited kids to watch cartoon “Fox ‘n’ Trot on their way to help” and using clay and their fantasy to portray the characters and the safety rules. All participants got “Schedule from Fox ‘n’ Trot”. 

By the way, Intercession of Pokrov Fair is the one of the oldest in Ukraine. About 100 000 people visit it every year.

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