In the fields: how Foxtrot's office entered the trading floor

30 employees from the retailer's office, headed by the executive director Oleksiy Zozulya and other top executives of the company, went to the flagship stores in Kyiv

Reinforcements from the "office paratroopers" were divided into several teams. Each was assigned to a certain store: the shopping center "Retrovil", "Cosmopolite", "Pyramid", "Gorodok" and "Petrovka" at 21 Bandera Street.

The main task of the paratroopers is to explore the customer path in the store, to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented innovations in practice, to check all the processes with their own hands, to get closer to the retail employees, so in future we can ultimately update the roadmap for improving customer experience and improving work processes.

For quality work in the field, the office staff underwent thorough theoretical training beforehand through training courses and testing according to the classic trainee program.

Office workers performed the duties of salespeople, cashiers, pick-up workers, service administrators, couriers, credit brokers and service managers. During the day, they gained practical knowledge and made progress in consulting, sales, learning to glue screen protectors on the phone, place price tags and make payments at the checkout.

Office trainees worked along with experienced Foxtrot workers, who easily and with pleasure taught newcomers useful life hacks.

The ideological inspirer and organizer of the project, Kateryna Grinchuk is the head of the customer experience management department. She added that this is a successful start of a new project, which may give rise to an interesting tradition.

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