+1 advantage and 100 first loans: in Foxtrot a consumer loan is processed via foreign passport in “Diya” app

In October, the first consumer loan in the Foxtrot store in Chornomorsk was processed with foreign passport in the “Diya” app. In October 18, about one hundred of those loans were already processed in Foxtrot

In the store, the client only needs to show the representative of the "Financial Broker" company a passport in Diya and tell them their job placement. Today "Financial Broker" has established a system through which the company brokers issue loans from 20 banks in Ukraine. Finbroker's clients include more than 500 retailers in Ukraine – Epicenter, Foxtrot, Vodafone, Rozetka, Zvonok, IStudio, as well as retailers in Ukraine, Turkey, and Tunisia.

The Financial Broker company has developed a technical solution for its clients independently, considering the active digitalization in the financial sector of Ukraine. Foxtrot has been a client of Financial Broker company since 2013.

“Our proprietary software product makes partners who use it competitive and successful in working with customers,” – says Tatyana Vikanova, the executive director of Financial Broker. – “Back in the summer, we were the first on the market to offer a consumer loan through Diya. In the autumn, our +1 competitive advantage has strengthened our customers.”

Let us remind you that the company Financial Broker – https://financebroker.com.ua started its work on the Ukrainian market in 2013, developed unique software that allows automating the process of issuing consumer loans, as well as cash loans, card products and insurance.

The essence of the company’s mechanics is the work of 1 employee helping apply for a loan at a retail outlet in a single window format. The buyer receives the optimal loan, which the financial broker's specialist selects according to several propositions from partner banks, based on the needs and credit history of the borrower. In that way the service time is reduced, the area in the trading floor under the locations for bank operators is saved and the quality of communication with the buyer is improved. It means that the traffic of loans and the profit from them increase.

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