8 September

The petition from retailers on the site of the President of Ukraine: sell household appliances with the cash register only!

On the 8th of September 2015 on the official web-site of the President of Ukraine in a special section on electronic petitions appeared a petition demanding to oblige sellers of household appliances and electronics use cash registers:

The essence of the treatment is to introduce compulsory implementation of trade and household appliances electronically using the cash register (payment transactions - PPO) regardless of the amount of revenues and groups of simplified tax system entrepreneur.

According to the petition author – Vyacheslav Povroznik, "Foxtrot" Trade network executive director, it will greatly reduce the sale of counterfeit or contraband on the Ukrainian market of household appliances, will increase the proportion of white in this market segment and increase the effectiveness of consumer protection (guarantees the quality of goods and makes possible appeal procedures in case of customer dissatisfaction with goods or services quality). At the same time the state budget will receive taxes from the sale of home equipment withdrawn "out of the shadows."

- I urge colleagues, associates, partners, competitors and conscious citizens to support our initiative, the ability to use the tool in e-democracy and force officials to implement reforms that will benefit society, industry trade and the economy, - commented on the petition by its author Vyacheslav Povroznik. - After all, today in the structure of the market of household appliances and electronics in Ukraine (which is 46.17 billion hryvnias in 2014), about half of the sales, in our opinion, is carried out on the "gray" and "black" market. This shameful statistics must end! Vote for the requirement "Home Appliances to sell only with using the cash register!» № 4693 from this link -