29 January

"Foxtrot" will open up to 40 stores in a new format in 2018

"Foxtrot" will open up to 40 stores in a new format in 2018. On January 25th, the trading network "Foxtrot" presented a new format of stores in the metropolitan shopping center "Gorodok" (the total area of the first store in the new format is 1443 sq. M., Retail - 1340 sq. M ). The partners and the representatives of the world brands - Tefal, Moulinex, Philips, Samsung, De'Longhi, LG, Gorenje, Electrolux, Bosch were invited to evaluate the idea. 

Vyacheslav Povroznik, Executive Director, addressed the participants of the presentation with a welcoming speech and explained the new concept of the format in the following way: "Nowadays a customer is well-balanced: the price is of paramount importance, then goes the brand, the quality and the impression (emotion)." To make the purchase understandable to the consumer, we created special sectors in the shopping room where we collected the entire mix of expectations of a young audience and an experienced customer." This year we plan to modernize all stores-flagships, and this is more than 40 stores. Next month we are going to start updating the first stores. " 

The heads of product categories of the Foxtrot network introduced the new format to the guests and told about the peculiarities of the grocery sectors of the store. After all, you can see the special elements of zoning at the wide entrance to the store. In the shopping room there are convenient service areas ("Cashier", "Credits", "Issuance of Internet orders", "Extra-service"), innovative directions of the company "Smart House", "Master Chef" and others are represented. 

"We have been thinking about the ways of the presentation of goods to the customer in a convenient and high-quality manner in" Foxtrot "of the new format. Thus, we are forming his request for purchase, informing about market innovations," - explained Tatyana Moiseenko, the commercial director of TM "Foxtrot", the way the new format would affect the effectiveness of stores. "Together with our partner suppliers we have created category sectors that allow us to inform the customer about the technical features of the product, hence, to increase sales." 

The store has implemented the category management projects from partners: coffee machines, beauty zones, irons and kitchen appliances used for conducting master classes for customers. A separate zone for gamers has been created, where master classes and autograph sessions of the best Ukrainian cyber sportsmen will be held. The hall also houses the VR-sector - a virtual reality zone with the possibility of demonstration and testing. 

The store is modern in the presentation of goods "Digital categories" and at the same time it is cozy and warm in the category "Home appliances". Lighting is designed in such a way that it emphasizes the features and colors of the product: digital categories are illuminated by white accent light and household appliances are illuminated by warm homelike light. The islet of light is a beauty zone, where small home appliances such as razors, hairdryers, ploys and innovative brand products are offered. And specially from Kenwood, master classes from famous chefs of Ukraine are held in the zone “Master Chef”, where customers can try cooking independently using the brand's technique. 

The new format is interesting for uneven-aged customers. It is logical to place characteristics of goods directly above the shelf, which allows the customer to independently obtain information about the features of the assortment. 

Marketing director Alexei Filanovsky explained the strategy of formation and saving the loyalty of the customer: "The criterion according to which Ukraine is definitely on par with all other countries is the client’s insistence. The Ukrainian consumer wants high-quality goods which are supplied by our partners - world manufacturers of machinery; exactly the same insistence is demonstrated to the quality of retail. Therefore, today is another day of improving the "Foxtrot" and there should be 365 similar days, so that "Foxtrot" could become a model of retail in Ukraine and the clients would say: "I want to be catered as in the Foxtrot." This is the dream of our entire team. "  

Reference: as of December, 2017, in Ukraine there are 160 supermarkets of TM "Foxtrot. Home Appliances". The stores are represented in 90 regional and district centers of Ukraine, while their sales area is about 151,000 square meters. M. As of November, 2017 the number of the participants of the "FOX Club" is 6 750 000 people.