24 January

Foxtrot e-cards stimulate e-sales

Foxtrot Electronic Gift Certificates have increased sales of this service to 30% 

Foxtrot has issued electronic (digital) gift certificates (nominal in 100, 200, 500, 1000 UAH) in the fall of 2018 in addition to traditional plastic, which allows customers of the unique seller to be more mobile in the purchase of a gift for the planned amount. 

- Implementation in October 2018 of the electronic kind of certificates increased their sales by 25-30%, - commented the head of the CRM network Foxtrot Yevgeny Krechetovich. - The most popular are the denominations of 200 and 500 UAH. They are bought by firms and enterprises for prize pools or employee incentives, and for personal purposes they are taken for a gift. For corporate clients, there is a simple e-mail purchasing mechanism. We are constantly studying demand, if we see a significant increase in demand for large denominations, we will expand the line. 

What is the difference between traditional plastic cards and electronic ones? Digital gift certificates are a set of digits that are delivered to the customer in Viber / Telegram / SMS / Email, they need to be called at the Foxtrot cash register to make a purchase. 

Innovation also gives benefits to sellers of goods and services. 

- Foxtrot intends to increase the share of online sales almost twofold this year, and such online tools of loyalty will be in demand in the work of the omnichannel retailer, comments Valery Makovetsky, head of the Foxtrot Network's Supervisory Board. 

Reference: Foxtrot's home appliances and electronics network in January 2019 has 162 stores in 90 regional and district centers of Ukraine. The total trade area of the objects is 153 thousand square meters. m. The number of participants in the loyalty program "Fox Club" as of early 2019 - 8, 2 million users. 

Omnichannel retailer Foxtrot develops an online platform, which, according to, is visited by more than 5 million Internet users per month. 

The FOXTROT group of companies develops Foxtrot brands. Appliances for the home, "Technoshara" (retail of household and electronic equipment), "Sekunda" (time retail), as well as DEPO't Center and Fantasy Town (real estate management in GOK FOXTROT). Managed by the Group of Companies FOXTROT Valery Makovetsky and Gennady Vyhodtsev.