Gennady Vykhodcev: a joyful format of eko-education is finding of students from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Eko-party of KNU's Institute of journalism the «Green institute 2.0» passed with support of Foxtrot Group and its` social project «The Green office».  

On 15th of April was held the second eko-party in semester, organized by activists of student ekologo-volunteer movement the "Green institute of journalism" of Tarasa Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The main partner has traditionally become the FOXTROT Group, which has been developing its own social project “Green Office” for 10 years and has been supporting students of the Green Institute of Journalism for 9 years. Gennady Vykhodtsev, Foxtrot CEO, believes in the sincerity of eco-education at the Institute of Journalism:

- Thanks to the students and teachers of the Institute of Journalism for creating their own format of a fun party about the environmental rules of life. Our partnership adorns not only our brands, but also reduces human pressure on the environment. 

At the “eco-party 2.0”, participants had a rest in an atmosphere of positive emotions, warm communication with like-minded people, accompanied by good music. During the fest, students made a photo session with life-size puppets, posting on social networks their answer to the question: “Are you for whom: a lively eco-bird or a wise Foxter?”, followed by a raffle of gifts from partners. Just as fun, students carried out eco-measurements of collected waste paper in the departments of the institute, and then representatives of three most active departments were invited to the award ceremony. Discounts on vacation from the First Tourist Center received methodologists of the departments of stylistics and language, advertising and public relations. 

As the real eco-party, this one couldn't pass without ecological goodies: students tried the “right” food from the cafe "Hack cafe" and the cafe-shop "Bez sahara". Also, brand "Sadochok" treated the guests and winners of the competitions, in the intervals between funny contests all the guests and participants was shopping at beauty zone with cosmetic products from Sabo shampoo and Boutique Sapo.

The party was free and open for everyone to join and help in solving an important social problem. The Green Institute students and partners will transfer all funds to the children from the «Kovcheg rehabilitation center» near Kiev. After all, the main message of the event was to support each other and create an experience of conscious consumption! 

Information: For 9 years, the environmental student project Green Institute has been shaping the corporate culture of the Institute of Journalism of the Tarasa Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. It was created at practical classes of the subject “Organization of the press service” as a workshop for the professionalization of education, and reached a noticeable scale: 18 events were organized by students to create favorable image of their institution, 70 messages and publications about the project were distributed in the media, on their own and partner sites, at social media.

During this time, teachers and students transfered 5.5 tons of waste paper for recycling, and the proceeds were donated to 5 social institutions in Kiev and the Kiev region, and used for the improvement of everyday life for Shevchenko University students - ATO fighters in the Luhansk region. 

In 2018, for the first time, students held an eco-party, the students of the PR of the Green Institute attracted speakers from 3 leaders of the eco-movement of Ukraine to participate in it: Україна без сміття, Let's do it Ukraine, Ozero. They also strengthened friendship with Foxtrot Group and collaborated with 5 commercial partners: Green Elvis, Zelena, Ooh-la, Sandwich-Sumasbrod. 

Since 2006, FOXTROT Group is a signer to the UN Global Compact and a participant in the Go Green program initiated by the United Nations, calling for uniting the efforts of all sectors of society to transform Ukraine into a state with a high level of environmental awareness. The corporate program "Green Office" has been working in FOXTROT Group since 2009. For 10 years, 34 green actions have been held at the Foxtrot Group; over 80 tons of waste paper, 50 bags of plastic lids and about 100 kg of batteries have been transfered for recycling. GC "Foxtrot" is a social partner of the Tarasa Shevchenko National University of Kyiv of Kyiv in the implementation of students' own student program "Green Institute of Journalism". 

Foxtrot Group develops Foxtrot brands. Appliances for the home, "Техношара" (retail household and electronic equipment) and "Секунда" (watch retail), as well as DEPO't Center and Fantasy Town (property management). The leaders of the FOXTROT Group of Companies are Valerii Makovetskii and Gennadii Vyhodtsev.

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