5 August

“Foxtrot” has just cleared up a new rebranding phase

“Foxtrot” marketing director Natalia Stavrati has given her first huge interview for MMR. She spoke about the whole brand restart and about new corporate colors, returning of Fox and how to focus on the young audience. 

Development moves now in full pace, especially the technology one. Generations and technology parks start their changing very fast. In number of huge chances “Foxtrot” fully restarts its brand, changes the logo, colors and the creative component. The new company colors become bright orange and yellow, blue and purple are auxiliary ones.

“Our task is to refresh brand, fully update all business processes inside. In each company management has its own significant transformation. We are changing all the processes to make our customers primarily feel the changes. So we can fix and emphasize them with communication” – Natalia Stavrati told. The most expected event in communication component changes is the comeback of “Foxtrot’s” symbol – Fox. Updated brand character will become customer’s defender in brand interaction. There also will be the new product segments, new shop experience, a lot of high tech and cool stuff. “Foxtrot” will represent them in autumn.