The 13th mini-football cup of the Foxtrot group of companies went to the West

In Kiev Sport Complex, the 13th mini-football tournament was held for the cup of the Foxtrot group of companies where group of companies and partners teams took part. 

The 13th mini-football tournament put together all teams over the country, which competed for the title of the best one from the entire Foxtrot group of companies’ teams. Team from the West region called “Foxtrot-West”, Odessa citizens, self-titled Dnipro citizens, teams from Kyiv called “the head company of the Foxtrot group of companies”, “Foxtrot goods for the house Kyiv” and business partners’ team entered the range of rivals for nowadays cup.  

For the duration of the day, match after match, teams competed for the rights of the champion cup owner. Spectators could see both devastating of 17:0 and battle tie like 4:4 in exciting fights.

“Foxtrot-West”, that won in vigorously fight with business partners’ team, became the absolute champion of the tournament with the score of 2:0 and got the long-awaited cup of the Foxtrot group of companies. 

For the bronze medal competed both Kyiv teams. “Foxtrot goods for the house” became the strongest one with the score of 7:2. Also were chosen winners in few nominations such as “The best player of the tournament”, “ The best goalie of the tournament”, “The best striker of the tournament”.  

- Mini-football tournament already became a tradition in the Foxtrot group of companies. We always supported this idea because we take care of our workers’ health, get the fashion for physical activity and healthy lifestyle, - Gennadii Vykhodtsev commented on the 13th mini-football tournament for the cup of the Foxtrot group of companies. – I am always interested in match scores and if possible, I am personally visiting the tournament.  

Football has its own old history in the Foxtrot group of companies. Beside the annual tournament cup, Foxtrot group of companies take care about development of the corporative traditional football team. For example, amateur football club “Foxtrot” team take part in All-Ukrainian competition for the second year. Before it played in the First League, from 2019 it is in the Major League. Winners of the corporative mini-football tournament made the foundation for the traditional football team. 

Alexander Mel’nikov
Communications Specialist Foxtrot group of companies

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