Foxtrot greeted the strongest rescuer of the 2019

International contest “The strongest firefighter of the 2019” was held in the centre of Kyiv on 21-22 September. Directorate General of the State emergency Service of Ukraine organized battle of the strongest. 

All contest participants (21 firefighter teams from Ukraine and their partners from Belarus, Poland and Lithia) had to pass the following tasks like lifting hoses on third stair flight, fixing the sleeve in a special container and getting the cargo on the simulated tower platform. There also were such things as transforming the beam weighting 72.5 kg at a distance of 1.5 meters using the sledgehammer, shooting by hose in the target, evacuation of the human mannequin weighting 47 kg from the possible danger zone etc. 

In summary team from Minsk got the first place in team set-off in the international contest “The strongest firefighter”. Team from Kyiv took the second place, while team from Rivne region got the third position.

Based on the results Foxtrot gifted the winner of individual set-off among women with precious presents. Firewoman from Minsk Natalia Bondarenko, who was the member of Belarus team, was the one who got the gift.

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