Foxtrot & Masters

Brand specialists accepted seven masters' graduate degrees from colleges directly at work. 

Exit masters' graduations for the profession of marketing took part in the main Foxtrot group of companies office. Seven masters of Kyyivs'kyy Natsional'nyy Torhovel'no Ekonomicnhyy University graduated in front of teachers and Press office of the Foxtrot group of companies workers.

The chairperson of the examination committee, press secretary, head of the public communication department in the Foxtrot group of companies, candidate of sciences Alevtina Beletskaya became a part of examination committee.

The foxtrot group of companies workers organized graduation process and actively took part in qualified works discussion, asked question on the theme and gave practical tips.

The chairperson of the examination committee Alevtina Beletskaya noted the high level of students' preparations, quality of marketplace analysis and factors of marketing work effectiveness.

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