The first Tatyana Tsoy’s story presentation is taking place for Foxtrot

On 11 January 2020, the first public presentation of Tatyana Tsoy’s story “I don’t care what people say” was held. The book was published by the publishing company “Belka” (Kyiv) with the support of the Foxtrot group of companies and Gennadyy Vykhodtsev.

The book came out in December 2019 and by the beginning of 2020, Tatyana Tsoy presented the story among her working team in the head office of the Foxtrot group of companies. The Foxtrot workers became the first readers of the story beginning posted in the electronic version on the pages of the Foxtrot group of companies corporative edition.

About fifty coworkers that are familiar with Tatyana Tsoy as corporative secretary in the Foxtrot group of companies gathered to congratulate the coworker. Alevtina Beletskaya, press secretary of the Foxtrot group of companies became the moderator of the first author’s meet with their readers. She told the presentation participants about Tatyana Tsoy publishing under the name of Larisa Galay on the pages of corporative edition of the Foxtrot group of companies “LUK – people ruling the company”. When the author’s name was revealed, she heard advice from her coworkers: “You should be published!”

Tatyana Tsoy in gratitude gave the first book examples to the Foxtrot group of companies co-founders Gennadyy Vykhodtsev and Valery Makovetsky and left the first autographs on the flyleaf of her coworkers’ books during her presentation. The authors read the most impressive parts from the story.

The story is mainly autobiography, while it genre is historically autobiographical tale. The photos from the family album accompany the love and life story of the three generations of women. Guests had the ability to see the actual pictures of the story characters – the countryside teacher Lusia, curios girl Orysia and her wise noblewoman granny Kapitaniha.

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