Valery Makovetsky and his interview from 2020: about going up in the world of internet and transformation into omni-channel model

Oleksandr Kolb is the head of marketing agency Promodo and journalist. In the beginning of November, he interviewed Valery Makovetsky, the Foxtrot group of companies cofounder. To watch the full version of the interview, follow the link. We call your attention to a few interesting moments.

About the pandemic influence on trading

2020 has become a big challenge for retailing. Indeed, it is the first pandemy, which humanity has suffered in an era of social networks. This has played its part in the level of panic and fear of the unknown disease. Sellers with established online-retailing networks were in a win-win situation during the lockdown. Foxtrot also got a share. During the hard quarantine, online-sales has increased 3 times for all players. In particular, online share rose from 10 up to 30% in Foxtrot.

About the 2020’s outcome and predictions for the future

November and December sales outcomes will be crucial in taking stock of the 2020. Telework pushed the increasing demand for computers and other techniques, so it is expected that sales will increase up to 20%.

About the competition with other marketplaces

This year Foxtrot is remaining in its niche and is not trying to compete with marketplaces in their field. There are some plans, but it is not that easy to make your own marketplace as it seems. You need to work hard in many areas. That is why the company is still working on offering the best prices, assortment and service.

About the values and the team

Journalist Oleksandr Kolb asked during the interview: “The program symbol is this toy - “The great fish”. I am giving it to you and asking for 3 question:

– What does in your business stand for the fish’s head? What does stand for a body and what - for a tail?

Valery Makovetsky:

“As for me, the first and foremost, the head is the team working in business. Because you will never build the business by only yourself. You need a team of like-minded people, who will work and do the common task. If the team works smoothly, the business will become successful.

The body is those effective processes builded in company. Those are modern technologies and prepared, high-quality stuff. You need to be a professional that is in demand on the market. If nobody needs you, nobody needs your business either.

And the tail is the satisfaction, which you get from the business in that case. Because in any case, business is hard work. It is a huge range of issues you need to solve. But if the business is successful, you see the results and you prove bonuses for employees by the end of the year, it makes you happy.

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