Foxtrot started issuing consumer loans using Diia

From July 23, 2021, Foxtrot allows its clients to receive a consumer loan from the leading banks of Ukraine using the Diia application

For the Day of Trade, the Foxtrot company has prepared for its customers a consumer lending service using digital documents in the Diia app from the leading banks of Ukraine. To receive the service, customers use their digital documents, which are already included in the application.

– One of the key values of Foxtrot is the loyalty of our customers, – comments Oleksiy Zozulia, executive director of Foxtrot. – Therefore, simplified consumer lending thanks to digital documents in the Diia is another step towards our buyer.

The innovation in consumer lending is connected to the general trends of digitalization in the financial sector and the Foxtrot system policy aimed at the continuous implementation of successful innovations in commerce. For example, back in September 2020, the Foxtrot retail chain was the first among retailers of household supplies and electronics to introduce software registrar of settlement operations (cash register in a smartphone). Since October 19, 2020, company have launched two modern methods of payment for goods – payment via chat bot in Viber and payment using VisaQR.

In order for Foxtrot clients to use Diia to receive consumer lending services, specialists of the partner company Financial Broker (private limited company “Suchasni Finansovi Rishennya”) have developed special software. Retailers’ consumers who have a FinBroker representation only needs a smartphone with active digital documents in the Diia application. To apply for a loan, a client must contact a customer service spot. The service is provided offline.

– The company "Financial Broker" was the first in Ukraine who 8 years ago launched the work of many banks in trade in the "one-stop shop" format as an official representative of banks, financial institutions and insurance companies in retail, with the help of its own software product, – comments on the event the executive director of the company Tatiana Vikanov. – It's nice to keep the lead and once again offer innovative solutions and tools to the B2B sector in retail.

Thanks to the "Financial Broker" system, more than 20 Ukrainian banks can provide consumer lending services to their clients. In addition to Foxtrot, more than 500 retailers use the services of a financial broker today. Epicenter and Novaya Liniya, Rozetka, Assol, Vienna, CIFROTECH, Vodafone, Zvonok, IStudio, use this servic3 as well as small retail stores in Ukraine, Turkey and Tunisia.

Let us remind that the Financial Broker company started its work on the Ukrainian market back in 2013. For efficiency of work, a unique software package was created. It fully has automated the process of issuing a consumer loan, cash loan, card products and insurance.

The mechanics of the company's work are as follows: employees provide customers with consumer lending services in Foxtrot stores in a single window format. In this way, buyers receive an optimal loan, which is selected by financial broker specialist from several offers from partner banks. Optimal loan is based on the needs, capabilities, and credit history of the borrower. At the same time, the time for servicing Foxtrot customers is reduced, the area in the trading floor for the bank operators’ locations is saved, the quality of communication with the buyer is improved, which means that the traffic of loans and the profit from them increase.

Diya is a new level of interaction between the government and citizens: convenient and humane

The Foxtrot retail chain is one of the largest retail chains in Ukraine in terms of the number of stores and sales of electronics and household appliances. The Foxtrot brand is developing as an omnichannel (offline and online trade). In 2020, company celebrated 26 years of work. Foxtrot has been in the top choice of customers since 1998 and leads the home appliance store category in terms of brand awareness, visitation and shopping.

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