Gennadiiy Vykhodtsev: "Foxtrot equipment has become part of Ukraine's air defense system"

In April, the Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Ukrainian Air Force received another tranche of equipment and electronics to strengthen the defense of the skies over Kyiv

The organizers of the 33rd Parade of Hope ballroom dance festival in cooperation with the BON Foundation and Foxtrot electronics and home appliances chain handed over TVs, memory cards, Wi-Fi routers, and uninterruptible power supplies to the soldiers.

"Dear soldiers of the anti-aircraft missile brigade! The war has taken away our peace and tranquility, but it is your daily work that gives us the opportunity to live on, work, train, prepare for and win competitions! May this equipment make your hard work a little easier and speed up the victory over the enemy. Glory to Ukraine!" Valentyna Fedorchuk, the permanent organizer of the Parade of Hope festival and Honored Coach of Ukraine in sports dance, addressed the defenders of the sky.

Back during the festival, which took place in Kyiv on March 25, Valentyna Fedorchuk, opening the evening edition of the Parade, donated money to the BON Foundation for the needs of the defenders of the skies over Kyiv. That evening, Foxtrot presented the deputy commander of the anti-aircraft missile brigade with a laptop for the advanced division and promised to increase the tranche from the Parade of Hope by doubling the amount donated by the tournament organizers.

– "Everything that was announced on the Parade of Hope floor in March became a reality in a few weeks: we pooled our resources and once again strengthened the brigade that is part of the air defense system and shoots down up to 100% of enemy missiles and drones over Kyiv," says Oleksiiy Zozulya, CEO of Foxtrot. "This initiative is logical for us, because as part of the Help for Ours corporate headquarters, we patronize 14 air defense units of the Ukrainian Air Force. The soldiers of this air front are working hard, looking closely at the monitors, to disrupt the aggressor's catastrophic plans against peaceful Ukrainians. We are grateful that our long-standing social partners from the Parade of Hope shared the mission of supporting the defenders of the sky with us.

According to official data, as early as October 2022, the effectiveness of Ukraine's air defense forces was 64% (according to the General Staff of Ukraine), and in December last year, the figure reached 85-90% (according to the Center for Military Legal Studies). Since the beginning of the war, the number of air defense systems transferred to Ukraine by international partners to protect Ukraine's independence has increased. This means that the need for gadgets to control new air defense weapons has increased.

"Our laptops, smart TVs, and telephony have become part of Ukraine's air defense system, and we believe that Foxtrot's support with equipment is important for the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Air Force and related troops that defend Ukraine's skies," says Gennadiiy Vykhodtsev, Chairman of the Board of Founders of Foxtrot Group.

During Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Foxtrot retailer donated more than UAH 15 million worth of equipment to the Ukrainian Defense Forces and volunteers, including UAH 1.5 million to the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces. In February 2023, Valeriy Makovetskyi, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Foxtrot, was awarded a commemorative badge "For Assistance to the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" on behalf of Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For reference: The activities of the BON Foundation (Charitable Association of the Nation) are aimed at promoting the integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and ensuring the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians. The BON Foundation has been actively working since 2014 and forms the same strong rear for both the military and civilians.

For 20 years, Foxtrot Group has been a partner of the Parade of Hope International Dance Tournament. For 33 years, the tournament has been organized by the Sport Dance School (Fedorchuk Dance School).

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