Foxtrot celebrates the anniversary of the liberation of Kherson by opening a new store

In honor of the anniversary of the liberation of Kherson Oblast from Russian occupation, Foxtrot is renovating and expanding the city's only home appliance store

On November 10, to the anniversary of the liberation of Kherson region, Foxtrot, the largest omnichannel retailer of electronics and household appliances, opens the doors of an updated, expanded and inclusive store on the central square of the city at the address: st. Ushakova, 26 (Megatex).

Foxtrot demonstrates stability – it is close to customers and remains the only home appliance store in Kherson. So, to ensure a better customer omnichannel experience, Foxtrot is scaling the point of issue of online orders to a full-fledged store with an area of 1,301 square meters. m, where 573 sq. m – trade.

"We were faced with the task of ensuring the availability of essential goods and household appliances for all residents of the city, minimizing the time for waiting for an order. Now the townspeople can buy the desired goods here and now – in the Foxtrot store. We have created comfortable conditions for access to the store for all customers, taking into account people with special needs and customers with children, because the entrance group is on the same level as the sidewalk," comments Oleksiy Zozulya, CEO of the company.

Filling the product matrix of the Kherson store has an emphasis on goods that may be needed in front-line areas. In the store, customers can pay up to 99% of the cost of goods with their old gadgets, thanks to the Foxy Exchange service.

Currently, Foxtrot has 121 stores in 67 cities and regional centers of Ukraine, as well as the online site and the Foxtrot mobile application.

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