11 June

Gennadii Vykhodtsev: three Lessons by Foxtrot to make the summer safe

On the eve of the school holidays, in three towns of Ukraine about 1.5 thousand children have taken part in evens by the Foxtrot Group of Companies under its educational project “Safety School”

In summer children have more leisure time and more entertainment opportunities. As a result, the issues of children’s safety become ever more vital. It is the time when the State Emergency Service of Ukraine intensifies prevention efforts in schoolchildren, and its partner – the Foxtrot Group of Companies - supports interesting ideas on spreading safety information among children under its social project “Safety School”. 

In early summer 2019, the partners have conducted three events. The first lesson in the series of summer Safety Lessons was given at the DEPO't Center shopping mall in Cherkasy on May 23. Zaporizhzha and Mykolaiv oblasts picked up the slack on June 1. 

In Cherkasy-based DEPO't Center developed by Foxtrot, the actors wearing the costumes of Lady Fox and Posipaka Firefighter welcomed the guests. 

Schoolchildren and their parents enjoyed an exhibition of up-to-date lifesaving equipment, talked to professional rescuers. Little guests had an opportunity to try on rescue gear. Fox and Posipaka conducted competitions and guessing games. The children who showed the best knowledge of personal and social safety, and were the most creative when performing tasks received prizes from the event sponsors - Fox&Trot Rescuers cartoon CDs, leaflets and timetables of the cartoon-based lessons. 

Zaporizhzhia. On June 1, the Zaporizhzhia oblast division of the State Emergency Service 1 picked up the slack from their Cherkasy colleagues. The event “To Prevent, Rescue, Help” took place at the territory of the town Central Park “Dubovii Hai” as a part of the annual Family Festival. 

Lady Fox told young guests how they can make their lives safer. Then they watched the cartoon “Fox&Trot Rescuers” and finally competed to make the best plasticine cartoon characters. The most gifted sculptors received useful presents from Foxtrot’s project “Safety School”. 

Mykolaiv. On June 1, Mykolaiv rescuers taught kids with the assistance of the Foxtrot Group of Companies. The event was a large-scale family show “Let’s Make Our Life Safe”. 

Guests of the event were invited to visit an exhibition of modernized fire-rescue equipment. By the way, the local water area enabled rescuers to demonstrate children the air-cushion vehicles they use.  

Fox entertainer was really busy. Guests enjoyed a plexiglas drawing contest, the relay race “Put on Rescue Gear”, and an obstacle course. Junior Fire Brigades from local educational institutions helped adult firefighters and Lady Fox. 

- It is our pleasure to support such events. That is why we hope the summer will be safe and healthy for kids, CEO to FOXTROT Group of Companies Gennadii Vykhodtsev stated summing up the series of the Safety Lessons. He thanked Inna Dolbina, specialist at the State Emergency Service Division in Cherkasy Oblast, Illiana Patsiuk, speaker at the State Emergency Service Division in Mykolaiv Oblast, and Yulia Barysheva, head of media affairs and public relations sector, the Civil Defense Service lieutenant colonel at the State Emergency Service Division in Zaporizhzia Oblast for their support to the summer Safety Lessons. 

Let us remind that since 2003, the Foxtrot brand has been supporting safety awareness activities in schoolchildren to prevent accidents in the non-manufacturing sector. The Foxtrot Group of Companies has been a partner of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine since 2008. 

Under the slogan "It’s comfortable where it’s safe", the partners have been developing the complex social project "Safety School" that includes a range of promotion and prevention events. As a part of the social project, the cartoon series “Fox&Trot Rescuers” was produced in 2012. It has four episodes – Fire, In Supermarket, Household Appliances and Water Accidents. The cartoon has had about 1 million views online. Besides, hundreds of Safety Lessons, safety drawing contests and guessing games have been conducted. The timetable and the leaflet “Act in the right way in case of fire!” based on the Fire episode have been developed. 

Cofounders of the Foxtrot Group of Companies Gennadii Vykhodtsev and Valerii Makovetskyi have been supporting the social project “Safety School” for more than 10 years.