Opening updated Foxtrot store in Vynnitsia is the new level of benefits for the customer

Foxtrot trading network invites citizens to assess updated electronics and home appliances store. 

There will be a lot of presents and actions waiting for the customers between 16 -18 August in Vinnytsia. Foxtrot network is opening updated store on the Keletska Street, 80. In Vynnitsia remained network’s proud tradition to present innovation to citizens, give presents to first customers and organize drawings and exciting actions by making a celebration. 

“Updating Foxtrot trading network is a matter of time and our customer”, - Valery Makovetsky commented. He is the head of the Foxtrot Group of companies, chairman of the supervisory board at the Foxtrot chain. - Brand goes focused on the way of deepening the communication with customers and improving our service as our competitive advantage, our reputation of reliable seller for 25 years on Ukrainian marketplace”. 

What is the difference between the new Foxtrot store and the old ones?  

There are plenty of benefits and interesting ideas in the updated Foxtrot store waiting for our customers: 

1. Optimization of trade space. The new shelves for product placing in brand zone allow putting more products on the less space. For example, the same amount of goods takes 1100 m2 in the old store comparing to 715 m2 in the new one. Ergonomic product placing allows customers to find immediately required section or goods. These way sellers can shorten amount of kilometers they spend over the work shift. 

2. Service hub. Square meters, which left after space optimization, turned into service zones. The first one is the cash desk, the second is service center and the place of getting the goods with the service “pick-up” is the third. Moreover, there will be a space where customers can acquire goods on credits in partner banks. 

3. Store design gets new colour scheme. Traditional deep red changed into cheerful orange along with bright yellow, sky blue and moderate violet. New colour scheme was introduced into brand book in 2019. Interaction with those colours charges our customers with optimism and good mood! 

Presents for opening the updated Foxtrot are waiting for their owners. For details: /uk/articles/50433.html

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